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1935 "The Savoy Operas" (1875-1896) - 5th Edition
~ by Sir W.S. Gilbert himself! In EXCELLENT CONDITION! ~

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Ladies and Gentlemen! Here's your chance to be the proud owner of this truly rare find: a 1935 hardcover cover copy of Sir W.S. Gilbert's "The Savoy Operas", first published in 1926. This 4th reprint was published in London by MacMillan & Co Ltd, and of course features the COMPLETE TEXT of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas (as originally produced in the years 1875-1896). Included of course are "H.M.S. Pinafore", "The Mikado", "The Yeoman Of The Guard", and many more! 

This book has a wonderful blue cover with an opera character stamped into to the front, with ornate gold leaf on the spine, and is in a wonderfully preserved state, considering how old it is.

Look to the pictures below, and you will see there are hardly any flaws. There is an old library catalogue number in white at the bottom of the spine, but this could be removed with know-how and care. Anyway, it really doesn't detract too much away from the overall beauty of the spine, as the gold trim is very well preserved. Of course, the spine is in great health otherwise, and so is the cover, with hardly any scratches or knocks visible at all!

The only other flaws are that someone dropped something sharp onto the bottom of the title page (visible in pics below), leaving a small indentation for about 30 pages, and a tiny hole in the first couple. There are library stamps inside the covers, from when it was released, but other than these minor things, this book is in great condition.

The 700 pages are not only intact, but free of rips, scribbles, and stains. The pages are so white and fresh looking, I can safely say there has been next to no yellowing at all. There is no spotting other than one single spot on the very bottom of a page, and at the very inner edge of only a very few pages (I only noticed when opening the book right up while checking the health of the spine). Most pages are nice and flat, and totally crumple- and crease-free. Only a few have small dog-eared top corners (old bookmarks, long since flattened by time) or slight creases (the worst can be seen in one of the pics).

As you can see, I have nothing to hide. I'll let the overall quality of this excellent literary collectible speak for itself! Whether you are into operas and the theatre, or just great quality antique books going for a steal, this book is for you!

This item is going out cheap, so hurry up and grab it before someone else beats you to it!

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