"Sands Of Time" CD Launch

Saturday 8th November @ The Central Club (Richmond, Victoria, Australia)

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Let the show begin! Gio of Black Majesty Hanny of Black Majesty
Gio of Black Majesty at the CD launch Stevie of Black Majesty Mark of Black Majesty
Black Majesty's "Sands Of Time" CD Launch Hanny of Black Majesty Yep... smoke-machines will be cool FOREVER!
Hanny hammin' it up! Pavel of Black Majesty Hanny of Black Majesty going for it!
Gio, Pavel and Stevie of Black Majesty This dude can sing! Stevie of Black Majesty doing his stuff!

Silvio Massaro of Vanishing Point                   Silvio joins in on "Colliding Worlds"

A true highlight of the night! "Colliding Worlds" is AWESOME!
My ears are bleeding... and I love it! Pavel does his magic!
What an awesome night! Black Majesty Rule! Danny Cecati of EYEFEAR
Danny and Gio belt out the immortal "Guardian" What a way to end a night! Spine-tingling stuff!
Can you dig it? I couldn't even get all his hair in the shot!


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