Black Majesty "Silent Company" CD Launch
1st October 2005 @ The Gershwin Room (The Espy, St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia)
The long-awaited CD Launch for Black Majesty's second album "Silent Company" was certainly an event not to be missed. As well as being treated to live renditions of tracks not yet played in Australia (they were debuted in Europe), we even got a couple of great supports in the form of Hardbite and Vanishing Point. Of course, Black Majesty filled the place with smoke and metal, and Silvio from Vanishing Point and Danny from EYEFEAR got up to do their usual duets with Gio.

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For those who went and were wondering why Black Majesty were on second, especially since it was their CD launch, the answer lies with Glenn's drum setup. Not many drummers have their kit on a platform that they spin around with a foot pedal, the obvious reason being it is a real bugger to set up. So, rather than make Glenn go through the nightmare of dismantling it after his set with Hardbite, then go through it all again later, the boys decided to play second.

To check out photos of the night, click the thumbnail of Gio. Included are pics of the great album artwork now on Stevie's guitar and Glenn's bass drum, as well as a couple of photos of the supports (which I don't usually do... but, hey, it's the CD launch!).

"Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea..."
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