Thanks to all who made it to Breakers Metal on Friday 30th April to see MEDUSA and CATWITCH! It was another great night, with over 140 people in attendance. We had many new faces in the crowd, as well as regulars like the guys from Black Majesty and Praetorian. Even the infamous Jeff Rule (much-respected promoter of local metal) made it down, and he was much impressed.

First up we had Medusa, whose members are usually regulars in the crowd. This tight trio can certainly get heads banging with their uncompromising yet not-too-extreme brand of Motor Metal. Crowd favourites like "Lockdown" and "Kick In The Guts" really got the toes tapping, and those who hadn't seen them before commented on what a great unit these guys are. Those who come for the club atmosphere of Breakers Metal often get surprised by bands they've never seen before, so it was great to hear guys like Gio of Black Majesty comment on what a great singer Wez is.

Click this pic for photos from the night, including crowd shots! (You could be in there, so take a look!)

We'll certainly be getting them back in the future, but if you haven't seen them before, make sure you do soon! And check out www.medusa.au.com for info on gigs and samples from their great album,
"Darker Shade Of Hate".

Click this pic for photos from the night, including crowd shots! (You could be in there, so take a look!)

Melbourne's Gothic Metal stalwarts Catwitch were up next, and these guys were a real blast! While theatrics and make-up don't make a band, they certainly enhance an outfit with talent, and generally add to a fun night. Quite a few people who came to see them for the first time were actually surprised by the horror make-up and vampire fangs! Mixing ambient and moody elements with the dark and heavy, this 6-piece offers something for everyone, and certainly delivered on the night. Kieran's screaming choruses are certainly impressive!
Besides belting out tracks from their first 2 albums, they got the heads banging with new songs from the current EP, "The Hidden" - like the great song "Scarecrow". This is another band we'd love to have back in the future, but see them live before then or pick up a copy of the EP from Metal Mayhem or their website.

If you'd like more info, go to www.catwitch.com.

If you want to check out some pics of the night, click here!

Breakers Metal poster for April 2004

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