March 2004: PTB & TEARGAS

Our Hard Rock/Metal night on Friday 26th March, featuring PTB and Teargas, was even better than expected! We had over 240 people (as well as crew and guests) to see these two great young bands - which is really fantastic, considering Opeth were on at the same time not all that far away! It's really great to see people supporting local Metal like this, so hats off to all who made it!
Some of you may remember PTB - who, as Phantombola back then, not only played the official opening gig of Breakers Metal, but had to go it alone after a last-minute pullout. Well, we finally got them back again, and it was certainly worth the wait! They've shed a few letters off their name, and Feris has shed a few inches off his mane, but the guys have certainly added to their sound. Punchy and energetic, with keyboards and samples, their sound is quite unique, and easy to bang your head to. They're also visually entertaining, and Feris is one of those dudes that has you asking yourself, "How can he even breathe after all that jumping, let alone sing?!" And his mic-stand with blue glow and red laser beam would turn Marilyn Manson green with envy, hehe!

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But these guys haven't just been working on stage antics in the last few months, but also their killer debut album "Harvest" - which, as luck would have it, became available to the guys on the day of the gig! So the night also became their CD launch, and people were lining up to grab a copy between bands. If you'd like to hear samples of some of the songs, click these:

Keep an eye out for these guys in the future, and check the PTB Website for more info.

Click here to view pics of this gig! Up next we had a hard rockin' band who have been gaining popularity rapidly over the last year, in the commercial rock scene as well as in the more melodic of Metal circles. Teargas are a rarity, being a bunch of young guys playing '80s-style hard rock - and doing it well. Even if you think you're "past that" type of music, you can't help getting into their stuff. Their well-written catchy songs are infectious, and a real treat for those firmly entrenched in the genres of Hard Rock and Melodic Metal.

Singer Al can get the crowd going, and the rest of the guys move around so much, you feel lazy if you aren't at least tapping your feet - ferociously!

also had copies of their new debut EP "Crazy" on sale, which a few people already had, judging from the singalongs to tunes like "What If It's Me" and the title track. If you haven't got a copy yet, get down to Metal Mayhem, or check out the Teargas Website for more info. You can also find info on when/where they're gigging next, so check them out if you haven't already!

So many thanks once again to all who made it on the night. It was another great night, and wouldn't have been so without you. And for those die-hards who hang back for the requests and singalongs after the show - YOU RULE!!!

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