The first night of Metal at Breakers was held on Friday 30th May, and featured a couple of Melbourne's finest bands: Anarion and Enter Twilight. We had over 200 people there for the unofficial opening night (really a "test-run" to see if people/bands liked the place, and whether it was economically viable for the owner).
Besides the fact that many people in Melbourne really DO want to support a "metal club", people had been itching to see Anarion again live, as it had been a while, so the place was really alive by the time they got on!

Ricc and the boys never fail to get the crowd pumping, and their Traditional-Power Metal-meets-Thrash (which they like to call "Heavy Metal"!) certainly did so on the night. I'm sure they gained a lot more fans, and many will now be eagerly awaiting their next album, which will be the band's focus for the next few months.

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Click this pic for photos from the night Ending the night in style we had Melodic Progressive Metallers Enter Twilight, another band people had been hanging to see! These guys are also recording an album, so this gig was their last for a while.

For those unfamiliar with this great outfit, they are quite unique indeed. While being "melodic", their music has plenty of punch nonetheless, and the "progressive" elements aren't overpowering. Perhaps the most unique aspect would have to be, of course, Lidia's angelic operatic vocals. Fans of Nightwish through to your more Gothic types would love this band, so make sure you catch them when they gig again!

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