May 2004: The Implicate Order & Hobbs Angel Of Death

We had our first EXTREME METAL NIGHT on Friday 28th May, featuring The Implicate Order and Hobbs Angel Of Death. We had over 170 people there for the event, with quite a mixed crowd and plenty of metal socialising.
The Implicate Order are a bit different to most acts in the more brutal of genres. Extreme Progressive Metal pretty much sums it up, as they really do a lot of great technical stuff as well as thrash out. Since the vocals are brutal, some of their slower, moodier bits with intricate guitaring are quite amazing (and somewhat spooky!). We pride ourselves on bringing you bands that are so good, they bridge the gaps between genres. This band certainly did that, as quite a few people who get into the more melodic of genres were really impressed. And no doubt they also won new fans among those who are quite open to extreme music.

Click this pic for photos from the night, including crowd shots! (You could be in there, so take a look!)

It was great having The Implicate Order at Breakers Metal, and I strongly suggest you check them out at a venue near you! You won't be disappointed! (Seriously: the bass player is such a freak, he has to be seen to be believed!!).
Click this pic for photos from the night, including crowd shots! (You could be in there, so take a look!)
Headlining our first Extreme Night we had the mighty Hobbs Angel Of Death, a band that has been pounding the masses with its brutality since the late 1980's. These legends of Thrash are respected world-wide, and have been for over a decade, so it was an honour to have them ripping up the stage at Breakers! It was obvious that the legend himself, Peter Hobbs, was like a god to many up the front (where much headbanging was to be had - not a place for the faint-hearted!).
This band is one tight, heavy unit, with Peter roaring out the lyrics while hammering the riffs on the guitar. Guys from the Melodic Metal scene, who had assumed the band was on the extreme side of Death Metal or something, really got a pleasant surprise to find them Old-School Thrash - and up there with the best, at that. It was an absolute pleasure having Hobbs Angel Of Death play, and though they don't gig as often as most, I'm sure we'll be able to get them back in the future. If you happen to see a gig advertised with Hobbs Angel Of Death on the bill, make sure you take the opportunity to check them out.

If you want to check out some pics of the night, click here!

First EXTREME METAL NIGHT @ Breakers Metal

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