November 2003 - Degrees Of Twilight & Manic Opera
"The Night of the Zorans!"

Another great Metal night was on Friday 28th November, featuring DEGREES OF TWILIGHT and MANIC OPERA. We had over 140 people of all ages (legal, that is!) there to enjoy our usual mix of Metal bands, and they weren't disappointed.
DEGREES OF TWILIGHT have already made a name for themselves in "The Battle Of The Bands" two years running, and now have a few more fans in the Metal Community. While their style is hard to categorise ("Dark and Emotionally Progressive Metal" took a lot of thought and still doesn't cover it!), it's safe to say that if your tastes lie somewhere between moody, modern/alternative rock and energetic Metal, you'll love these guys!

They certainly gave a great performance of their "Tool - meets - System Of A Down" sound, with singer Zoran really belting out their emotional lyrics. We're certainly glad we had them in, and strongly suggest that if you didn't catch them on the night, look out for a future gig and do so soon!
Closing the night in style we had the much-anticipated "return" gig of MANIC OPERA - a bunch of superb musos delivering excellent Progressive Metal (with a Neoclassic twist!). Some of you may remember that they were supposed to play Breakers in July, but had to pull out due to a last-minute emergency. Well, we finally got them in, and it was well worth the wait. There are not that many bands in Australia with their technical proficiency, so we were really excited to be able to showcase them to you.
Of course, they totally blew the crowd away, and no doubt many will be racing off to buy their CD. Vocalist Zoran (yes, another one!) certainly can sing, and along with Leonard going nuts on three keyboards and the rest proving they are masters of their instruments too, no wonder everyone was impressed! While many already knew Manic Opera's music and were keen to see them again, it was great to see some of the younger crowd (who generally aren't exposed to Prog much) really getting into it. Our aim at Breakers is to offer you a versatile selection of bands, in the hope you'll like something you never knew you liked. Glad to see it's working! Many thanks to the bands, Breakers crew (what would we do without Peter, Effie, Denise and Gary??), and most of all YOU for making it another success. See you at the next gig!

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