September 2003 - Damnzal & EYEFEAR

Well guys, I admit it: you had me worried for a while! With the Grand Final being on the next day, and around 4 other big gigs around the traps, I was told by many not to feel too bad if attendance was poor. But it seems most of you agree with me that you don't need a night of rest and meditation just to park your butt on the couch the next day, because you showed up in force (footy scarves and all!). In fact, it was another great success, with over 200 people there having a great time making new friends and catching up with old ones!

Of course, there was plenty of Metal to listen to, and the night kicked off with one of the most enigmatic outfits out there at the moment: Damnzal. People soon found out these guys aren't just eye-candy, but can play some great catchy, Punk-edged Metal. Their music is really easy to bang your head to, with great contrasting vocal harmonies (though the singer can do both rough and clean). I heard many words of praise floating around on the night, so no doubt they've gained a bunch of new fans. Going from the responses of many who hadn't even heard of them before - and the fact that their promo pack caused quite a stir backstage at the Bloodstock Festival in the UK - I would say these guys have a great future ahead of them! It was wonderful having them at Breakers, and hopefully we can get Damnzal back in the near future.

Now, most of us predicted a pretty good turnout for EYEFEAR, since it's been a while since the HiFi Bar gig, and some new fans-in-the-making were eager to catch Danny out since his article in the Herald-Sun. Well, people just kept coming, and by the time they hit the stage we had 200 people there!

Those familiar with EYEFEAR finally got to see Sammy on keyboards, while those who had heard of Danny's singing but never experienced it had their chance to be blown away by his awesome vocal ability. They had a good heavy sound that brought out the best of their style of Melodic Progressive Metal, and words like "huge" and "awesome" were to be heard after their set. It really was a pleasure having the guys, especially since (like Black Majesty) they weren't going to be gigging again till their CD launch! So many thanks to them for playing, and with luck we'll get them back around the time of the release of "9 Elements Of Inner Vision".

Like I said, it was another success... and it is of course due to you guys! While we are trying to bring you a variety of the best Metal bands Melbourne and Australia have to offer, it still takes people like you to make it all work. And seeing as many people came to me saying it was "just like the Cathouse days", seems many of you are catching onto the idea that Breakers Metal is more than just a place to see bands worthy of your audience, but a monthly Metal club you should be frequenting! So see you down there next month!

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