HISTORY of Breakers Metal

The idea of monthly Breakers Metal nights originally came about in response to the need for a focal point for the Power/Melodic/Traditional/Progressive Metal scene, since most metal gigs out there are of the more brutal/extreme genres. However, since the idea was also to keep it fresh by mixing up the genres a little at each gig (and of course not having the same bands on all the time), it soon became obvious it would be a hard task to keep it within these genres.

Con from EYEFEAR initially set up talks between Breakers owner Carl and Peter (from Screaming Symphony), and the first night featuring Anarion and Enter Twilight (30th May 2003) was set up. This test-run proved to all involved that people wanted a place like Breakers to frequent, so a month was taken off while a larger stage was built.

In the meantime, while planning the official opening gig, Peter (who was busy with many projects of his own, and wanted merely to kick-start the project) contacted OzzyFrank about taking over running of the Metal nights. While setting up the Phantombola - Manic Opera gig (25th July 2003), it not only became apparent that it would be near impossible to keep Breakers as a more melodic venue, but that people didn't really want that anyway.

So feelers were put out and it was found that a greater diversity would be quite welcome among the majority of Metalheads out there. So from now on, Breakers will really live up to its claim to be "The New Home Of Heavy Metal"! Not only we be bringing in bands from different genres, but there'll be a mix of songs in between that will have something for everybody!

A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who made this possible - not least Breakers owner Carl Santalucia! As many of you know, even mainstream bands are finding it hard to get gigs in this era of pokies venues; for someone to invest money into making his venue more suited to Metal is basically unheard of! Bravo!

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