Melbourne is home to a diversity of Metal styles, with bands often crossing the borders, so to speak. And Melbourne has also long had a thriving Punk scene, besides all the other underground music cults. So it is no surprise that one band has dared to cross from Metal to Punk, with a few other influences thrown in for good measure.

Damnzal was formed in early 2003, and consists of Tania Pennisi on lead vocals (ex Ruby Doomsday), Paula Condell on lead guitar (ex Velvet Hammer), Bindy Paxton on rhythm guitar (ex Fire Sign, and notorious Playboy pin-up!), Vanessa Payne on bass guitar (ex Ruby Doomsday) and Scott Danson on drums (ex Cyclone Tracy).

Damnzal deliver their punchy brand of Punk/Metal with plenty of enthusiasm, and their shows are always great fun. This is not just because their music is easy to get into, but also because they're really just there to have a good time like the rest of us. And with songs like "Pink Vibrator", the crowd get to have a laugh while banging their heads.

These guys got plenty of attention backstage at the Bloodstock Festival in the UK, or at least their promo pack did (when Danny Cecati of EYEFEAR took other bands' promo packs with him). But these guys don't just look good, but are experienced musicians who can deliver it live. If you get the chance, make sure you check out a gig of theirs; till then, you can hear some samples on their site.


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