Why a Tribute Site? Why "Planet EYEFEAR"?
You might be wondering why the webmaster of EYEFEAR's official site would be going to the trouble of building and hosting a tribute site. The answer is simple: EYEFEAR are worth it!

Now, I support metal (local or otherwise) as much as I can, but unfortunately aren't one of those people who has the time to make a tribute site for every band that takes his fancy. Black Majesty had well and truly grabbed my attention with their 3-track promo of "Sands Of Time", so resolved to support them as much as I could, with my Black Majesty Tribute Site being one of my efforts. Since Danny was on the track "Guardian", I was eager to see his band EYEFEAR, as that one sample of Danny's voice killed me each time I listened to it.

Once I had seen EYEFEAR, I realised we had another gem that had a bright future ahead of it, so decided to break my promise to myself and do just one more tribute site. I approached them for pics and logo, etc, but never got around to doing the page... since I ended up as their webmaster instead!

Now I finally have my tribute site up, where I can offer photos, wallpapers, and other media not available at their official homepage, as well as my own biased (and occasionally unbiased) reviews and opinions!

Besides being a somewhat cosmic person, I actually do have a reason for calling this site "Planet EYEFEAR". When I took over management of EYEFEAR's official webpage, a blue planet featured prominently in the artwork. While making new graphics for them, I increased the use of the planet as part of their logo in gig posters, etc, which means that for three years the blue planet was synonymous with EYEFEAR. In fact, if you look around the web for reviews of the 3-track promo of "9 Elements...", you'll probably find the old logo still there.

With the release of "9 Elements Of Inner Vision", it was time to totally rebuild the site, with the album graphics and fonts being the theme. So, with a pang of regret, I had to bid the old blue planet goodbye, but soon realised it could be resurrected for use in my own tribute site, since I had always wanted to call it "Planet EYEFEAR" anyway.