August 2003 - Template & Black Majesty

A night of surprises was Friday August 29th featuring Black Majesty and Template! As many of you may know, Black Majesty recently scored a whopping 5-album/10-year contract with LMP (the largest Power Metal label in Europe, if not the world). We managed to get them to do one last gig before their CD launch (which should hopefully be in October), and they also brought along some special guests.

However, the first surprise of the night came from Template. This awesome Prog Rock trio knocked everyone's socks off, as they have plenty of talent and a great stage presence. I'm sure they gained plenty of new fans that night, especially since they sold a heap of their albums after their set. I strongly urge checking out this band, as their music is interesting and infectious, and even Gio of Black Majesty was in awe of Mike's singing!

Of course, after that it was Gio's turn to impress with his vocal abilities, and even though he was fighting off a flu, no one was the wiser as he belted out the tunes with his normal passion. This was the first Black Majesty gig featuring their new bass player (and long-time friend) Mark (also from Cryptal Darkness/The Eternal), and he certainly proved he had what it takes to be part of this dynamic band that is going places.

Silvio from Vanishing Point was at hand to sing his duet with Gio on "Colliding Worlds", which of course had the crowd going nuts. The next surprise was when Con (guitarist from EYEFEAR) joined the band as keyboardist on "Beyond Reality"! Not only did he perform with them on this 8- minute epic, but later returned to play the keys on the immortal "Guardian"! As many of you know, Danny (singer of EYEFEAR) usually sings this great duet with Gio, but since he is in England, the crowd was treated with Silvio singing the parts instead!

Though we get plenty of great solos from Hanny and Stevie, what would a Black Majesty gig be with a drum solo from the master, Pavel? (Actually, it would still be a great gig, but you know what I am saying, hehe). After he dazzled the crowd with his blur of sticks, the guys finished it off with another favourite, "Fall Of The Reich".

If you were there, you know what a great night it was, with over 180 people in attendance! If you weren't there, make sure you don't miss the next great gig at Breakers Metal!!

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