EYEFEAR & Black Majesty play Breakers Metal - together!

February 2004: EYEFEAR & Black Majesty

If you missed the Breakers on Friday 27th February, featuring EYEFEAR and Black Majesty, then you missed the biggest local metal event in aeons! We had over 320 people (probably 350 including crew and guests) there to see two of our greatest Metal acts perform together, and it will certainly be a night many will be raving about for a while. The place was packed, and the vibe was excellent... and everybody went TOTALLY OFF to both EYEFEAR and Black Majesty. And if having these two bands on the same bill wasn't enough, there were a few more surprises yet to come.

, our Progressive Metal legends, opened the night with a keyboard intro from Sammy, with Danny (and his hair!) flying out amid cheers after the opening bars of "Two Souls Apart". These guys are not only great technical musicians, but a HEAVY band with a singer who can scream with the world's best. They powered through tracks off their forthcoming album, "9 Elements Of Inner Vision", before giving the crowd a couple of treats.

Hyperion legend and one-time singer of EYEFEAR, Jimmy Georgopoulos, joined Danny for a duet in not one, but TWO songs: "Where Clouds Divide" and the classic "Dawn". This was as much a treat for younger Metalheads as it was for the older Prog fans who used to see Hyperion (Melbourne's first Prog band) years ago, or remember Jim from the previous EYEFEAR lineup. And then came a little surprise the boys had been saving for their fans at the gig: the announcement of who will be mixing the album in Europe.

Yes, King Diamond legend and Metal-producer extraordinaire Andy La Rocque will be mixing their album in Sweden, just before he and King Diamond depart on a tour. This is great news, as was the news of their new European management (previously mentioned on their website). We wish the guys all the best of luck... not that they need it! (Seriously... wait till you hear the album!).

Up next we had a band who's already making their mark on Europe and North America - Black Majesty. Since the release of "Sands Of Time", they have been gaining more and more fans, so it was good to see some of these finally getting their live BM-fix! It was an awesome set, which started off with "Destination" amid smoke and hearty applause. And if delivering their brand of Melodic Metal to the eager was not enough, they had a few treats up their sleeves too.

Con Papazoglou
(guitarist of EYEFEAR) got up and joined the boys on keyboards for a few songs, which he also did at the last Breakers Metal gig last year. Silvio Massaro from Vanishing Point of course got up and sang with Gio on "Colliding Worlds", with Danny Cecati of EYEFEAR doing his stuff on the awesome "Guardian". They also did a bitchin' cover of Iron Maiden's "Flight Of Icarus", to the delight of those assembled. And what would a Black Majesty gig be without one of Pavel's awe-inspiring drum solos?

Yes, it was certainly a great night, with not only two of Australia's best Melodic/Progressive bands on the same bill, but some great guest appearances (and an exclusive news update from EYEFEAR!). We even got to see Black Majesty's fantastic new backdrop, which was unveiled in Sydney (for news on their upcoming Sydney gig, check out their official site, or my unofficial site).

So many thanks to all band members, patrons, and Breakers crew who made this night the HUGE success it was! Catch you next month!

If you want to check out some pics of the night, click here!

Wow! EYEFEAR and Black Majesty on the same bill!!! Don't miss this one!!!!!

Black Majesty at Breakers Metal - Friday 27th February 2004

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