January 2004: War Pigs & Anarion

If you missed the Breakers on Friday 30th January, featuring WAR PIGS and ANARION, then you missed a scorcher! We had over 270 people (probably over 300 including crew and guests!) there to enjoy our usual mix of Metal bands, and they weren't disappointed.
WAR PIGS opened the night with their repertoire of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath classics, which they do excellently. There were quite a few people who hadn't seen them before, so it was good to watch them be amazed! Darren not only does the Ozzy voice flawlessly, he also does the whole act almost naturally (which prompted a few people to say that he is "more Ozzy than Ozzy"!). Not only that, he's a funny bugger, so his antics and one-liners kept everyone laughing between songs.

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It was great to see so many of you there rocking the house and supporting these guys (as opposed to coming "fashionably late"). I'm sure you'll agree WAR PIGS kicked ass! It was really a pleasure having them at Breakers, so no doubt we'll be getting them back sometime in the future. If you didn't catch them on the night, look out for a future gig and do so soon! You'll love them!
Click here for pictures of the night! Up next we had the much-anticipated return of ANARION, who have been busy recording their next album, "Unbroken". It had been a while since their last gig, and they'll be stuck in Palm Studios for a while yet, so it was really great to be able to coax Ricc and the guys to do one more gig in the meantime! And what a set it was, with not only crowd favourites, but new songs never heard before! The place was was packed with both those who had been hanging to catch them again, and those wanting to see what all the fuss was about.
The high energy Metal they delivered will have left no doubt in people's minds that ANARION is going to be one of the next big names from Melbourne to be on the lips of Europeans and others at home and abroad when the album is released. And since it is being produced by Endel Rivers (Vanishing Point; Black Majesty), the sound will be killer!

So many thanks to all band members, patrons, and Breakers crew who made this night the success it was! Catch you next month!

If you want to check out some pics of the night, click here!

Anarion & War Pigs at Breakers Metal, January 30th 2004

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