Antique FICTION Books

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First Edition Henry James for less than AU$20!!!!

A True Antiquarian Literary Collectible! From a True Master Writer!!!

Bargain Alert!!! This is going WAY TOO CHEAP to pass up! Compare prices elsewhere!!!
"Awkward Age"
Henry James - 1899
FIRST EDITION! Near-Mint inside!!!
"Elsie Venner"
Oliver Wendell Holmes
1883 Ornate HC in XC
"Little Lord Fauntleroy"
Frances Hodgson Burnett
1930's HC with original movie photos!

Joseph Addison essay collection - you won't believe the low price!

THE AMERICAN - FIRST EDITION!!! Yours for a few bucks!

Antique World War Two drama set in Nazi Germany! Written by the exiled German writer, Lion Feuchtwanger!

"Essays Of Joseph Addison" - a rare collection!
1906 HC in X-Condition! Dirt cheap!
"The American"
Henry James' classic; 1876
FIRST EDITION! XC!! HC w/ dustjacket
"Paris Gazette" (WWII - Nazi)
Lion Feuchtwanger (Exiled author)
1940 FIRST EDITION HC; XC inside!

Antique "MARIAN GREY" in great condition going out at Sale price!

Excellent value! A classic going out dirt cheap!

A superb collection of utter classics - going out dirt cheap! Take advantage!!
"Marian Grey"
Mary J. Holmes (1800's)
Early 1900's ornate HC - great value!
"Macleod Of Dare"
William Black (1800's)
Pre-1909 HC in X-Condition - hurry!
"The Savoy Operas"
Gilbert & Sullivan (1875-1896)
RARE 1935 Fifth Edition! XC! Wow!!

FIRST EDITION! 1922 HC of 19th & early 20th Century Literature

Antique "LORNA DOONE" in excellent condition - yours for a few bucks!
"Modern English Essays 1870 - 1920" Bagehot, Milne
1922 FIRST EDITION in XC! Value!!!
"Lorna Doone"- R.D. Blackmore's classic (1869)
1934 Softcover; XC! Priced to go!!

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