Our first EXTREME METAL night! Make sure you support it!!!

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May 2004

April 2004


If you'd like to have a look at some of the previous action at Breakers Metal, click on the posters on this page for a write-up of that particular gig. You'll also be able to view some photos of the night, accessible via the link at the bottom of any of the review pages.

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March 2004 February 2004


Click the read about the next gig in January featuring ANARION & WAR PIGS! What a night it's going to be!

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January 2004

November 2003


Click to read about the Halloween gig

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October 2003

September 2003


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August 2003

July 2003


The first "test-run" gig, featuring:
Anarion & Enter Twilight

May 2003


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